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This is Lotta. She is 43cm (17") tall and of course made from all natural fibres, cotton knit skin fabric and pure wool stuffing. Her face is hand embroidered with woollen embroidery thread and her cheeks are blushed with tinted beeswax. Her hair is a stylable brushed mohair wig, made by me.
She is wearing a smock top of my own design in a brown and white ditsy pattern, She has her favourite little jenny wren button on the yoke. Her trousers are a light weight denim with a little appliqued forest fairy on the front of the leg to help her put her trousers on the right way round. They have an elastic waist and also elastic at the hems so they don't get caught so easily when she's climbing trees. I have knitted her some socks from a Shetland yarn and her boots are also knitted but then felted to make them extra sturdy. She has tied them up with brown ribbon laces. I have also knitted her a blue bonnet from a delicious British yarn that has such richness of colour and is wonderfully soft and cosy.
Lotta is not suitable for children aged four years or younger but she would be a delightful friend for an older child or adult.
Lotta and her clothes are fully handwashable.

I have mindfully and happily created this little one. She is all things gentle and spirited. She has a quiet calm, a certainty of her place in the scheme of things. She is in those years when family and her own little world are her reference points, the way it is done here is the way it is done and it’s wonderful. No comparisons to others, no jealousy or longing just a contentment with what is, in this place. A wonder too at the things she finds in this little world. Do you remember those times, somewhere deep inside you when all that you had was more than enough and there was always something new to discover in the everyday which was so much more than extraordinary?

Gentleness, playfulness,exuberance, joy… Childhood.

‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your Hand

And Eternity in an hour…’

William Blake

Lotta will be available November 3rd at 9am AEST

Remember I live in Tasmania so you will need to convert to your time zone.